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Motan modifies material-loader systems

Issue: April 2018

Metro G Specifically suited for granulate, this airtight, modular material-loader system from Motan can be configured to accommodate any user’s need. The system’s valves have interchangeable vacuum connections to serve different vacuum line sizes.

What’s new? Modifications to the loader’s manually operated components, including the hinge, lid seal and latch, based on feedback from users. The loader also sports new solenoid valves.

Benefits Easier operation and installation, thanks to the recent improvements. The implosion valve, which has been redesigned, allows for automatic cleaning of the mesh filter after each loading, ensuring constant and reliable material conveying and reducing maintenance costs. Changes to the lid also provide greater access and user-friendliness. For example, because there is no vacuum valve on the lid of the loader, operators can gain access to the screen filter for easy maintenance. The entire top spool, including the lid, can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing installation with the use of elbows, bends or hoses. Also, the addition of a new pneumatic cylinder size, DN32, provides greater vacuum.

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