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Maguire device combines loading, dosing, mixing

Issue: May 2018

MMT Micro Tower Designed for small-volume processing applications, this new materials-
handling device from Maguire combines loading, dosing, mixing and dispensing. The compact tower is mounted to the feed throat of an extruder or an injection molding machine, and the system’s loader and three material hoppers operate on a loss-in-weight basis under simultaneous direction of a single controller. A lightweight brushless motor drives the system’s blower, and Maguire’s patented dust-clearing blow-back systems clean the filters.

What’s new? The multifunction tower.

Benefits Ease of use, accurate loading, dosing and dispensing, and compact size. Combining multiple functions in one unit, the MMT Micro Tower provides an alternative to larger, multiple-piece systems that require more space and greater investment. It also saves room because no floor space is required for a vacuum pump.

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