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Coperion's bulk mixer streamlines equipment needs

Issue: November 2017

Mix-A-Lot Coperion unveiled its Mix-A-Lot mechanical bulk material mixer at the Powtech 2017 show in September. The unit is an optional addition to Coperion’s compounding systems, and because it is designed to allow direct pneumatic dosing, all polymers in a recipe can be fed directly into the Mix-A-Lot. It gently mixes the polymers without heating them, then passes them through a single loss-in-weight feeder to the extruder. This eliminates the need for individual buffer hoppers and loss-in-weight feeders for each ingredient.

What’s New? Handling the roles of pneumatic conveying receiving hopper and mixer in one unit. The mixer’s rotor design, rotational speed and mixing time have been optimized, and the 45-degree tilt of the mixer, constructed with no interior dead zones, allows for complete discharge of its contents via gravity.

Benefits Streamlined compounding lines. Because the Mix-A-Lot reduces the required number of hoppers and feeders, investment and maintenance costs are reduced and less space is required above the extruder. The mixer’s angled orientation and large access door make cleaning during product changes easier and quicker.

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