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Conair conveying system has new valve unit

Issue: April 2018

Wave Conveying Conair’s vacuum conveying system can move large quantities of resin over long distances without the damage that is typical when using conventional dilute-phase vacuum conveying. Resin moves through the system in compact waves that are separated by pockets of air. This means that although the resin moves at a slower speed, pellets are densely packed in the conveying tube, unlike in conventional systems that suspend individual pellets in air. Thus, users can achieve very high throughputs while avoiding the smears and streamers that happen when pellets scrape against the tube. This also prevents damage to the conveying system from abrasive filled resins.

What’s new? A new common-line valve. Called an “automatic flush valve,” it is designed to ensure a firm vacuum seal.

Benefits The new valve eliminates sealing problems that can occur with some material types or applications. The valve can help reduce fill times significantly — by as much as 70 percent in one case — effectively increasing the overall capacity of the Wave Conveying system.

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