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Vac-U-Max vacuum conveyors can handle powder and pellets

Issue: June 2018

Signature Vac-U-Max’s new line of vacuum conveyors handles both powders and pellets; there are two series of conveyors in the line. Conveyors in the 1500 series move up to 1,500 pounds per hour and feature a 12-inch-diameter receiver with a 6-inch discharge valve. Models in the 3500 series can handle up to 3,500 pounds per hour and have a 16-inch-diameter receiver with an 8-inch discharge valve. Options for creating the vacuum include a regenerative blower, vacuum pump or single- or twin-jet venturi. The plug-and-play systems are available in an offset-cone design for free-flowing powders or a straight-wall-tube design for non-free-flowing powders. Each unit consists of five parts: a vacuum receiver with automated pulse filter cleaning; vacuum producer; controls; pick-up adapter; and conveying hose.

What’s new? The product line, which was introduced in the spring.

Benefits Versatility and the convenience of a plug-and-play system. The conveyors come in standard and sanitary versions and can handle materials with high moisture content and difficult-to-convey pigments, fillers and additives that tend to stick or bridge.

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