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In-mold labeling units debut in America

Issue: May 2018

Well-Lih in-mold labeling automation These systems are available in two configurations: Side-entry (shown) is appropriate for machines that offer sufficient daylight and tie-bar spacing, while top-entry is suited for applications that require large parts to be removed from the top of the mold and carried over to the stacking unit. Made by China Ningbo Well-Lih Robots Technology Co. Ltd., Ningbo, China, the systems are distributed in the U.S. by Absolute Robot Inc. (ARI).

What’s new? The systems, which made their North American debuts this year. They are able to fit a range of machine sizes and can be customized according to users’ mold, part-size, cycle-time and label-design requirements. At NPE2018, ARI will demonstrate a high-speed, side-entry system for decorating food-serving cups produced by a Zhafir VEII 2300/430 from ARI sister company Absolute Haitian, Worcester, Mass.; four 18-gram cups will be made every 3 seconds.

Benefits Cost-competitiveness, customizability, efficiency and quick-change capability. With their readily removable take-out grippers and modules for label magazines and stacking, Well-Lih systems can be modified with ease. They are level- and height-adjustable and are compatible with vision systems.

Absolute Robot Inc., Worcester, Mass., 508-792-4305, www.absoluterobot.com