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High-Technology screen changer gains enhanced capabilities

Issue: May 2018

P-XL This updated continuous screen changer from High-Technology can be used with a wide range of thermoplastics. The pressure from the extruder head moves the filter screen, so no external driving mechanism is required to advance it. Screen sizes range from 2 inches to 8 inches, and are available in 120-foot lengths.

What’s new? Various upgrades, including changes to the control algorithm to more precisely regulate the unit’s heating and cooling cycles, and the use of a higher-tensile-
strength filter medium.

Benefits Improvements to a range of capabilities. The filter screen can advance at twice the speed of earlier models, allowing filtration of more highly contaminated melt. The new design is leak-proof at temperatures as high as 650 degrees Fahrenheit, and the stronger filter media operates reliably at a constant differential processing pressure of up to 2,000 pounds per square inch. The screen changer’s color touch-screen PLC can monitor conditions in real time and adjust the filter screen’s advance to allow for continuous production in response to changing contamination levels.

High-Technology Corp., Hackensack, N.J., 201-488-0010, www.screenchanger.com