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FarragTech resin-drying system uses less compressed air

Issue: October 2017

Card R FarragTech’s new resin-drying system is custom-made and comes with a stand-alone air compressor with an integrated heat exchanger.

What’s new? Improved recovery of waste heat. During the process, waste heat is recovered via oil or air heat exchangers, which are directly integrated into the air compressor. By means of this energy, the air is preheated in the secondary circuit with the Card M or Card L.

Benefits Savings of almost 70 percent. Compared to a simple dehumidification unit, using this new system from FarragTech, users with a 40-liter drying hopper will save energy due to lower compressed air consumption.

FarragTech USA Inc., Glendale Heights, Ill., 630-547-4447, www.farragtech.com