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Dryers handle tough materials

Issue: May 2018

BKG dryers Built for use with Nordson’s BKG pelletizing systems, these dryers can process a wide range of polymers and pellets. Depending on the material, the dryers can handle up to 55,000 pounds per hour. They have stainless-steel blowers and integral filters for centrifuge air intake. Optional features include agglomerate catchers at the dryer inlet, pellet-diverter valves at the dryer outlet, cleaning systems with rotating and fixed-spray jets, and inspection windows.

What’s new? The addition to the line of a special dryer featuring upgrades that make it better able to handle glass-filled resin and other abrasive materials. To accommodate the hard-to-process materials, the dryer’s pellet inlet, pellet outlet and rotor have been modified. The inlet now enters the dryer housing tangentially, and the rotor has been simplified.

Benefits Reduction in maintenance times by up to 70 percent. Built to withstand abrasion, the newly designed dryer now costs significantly less to operate. With the changes, the parts of the pellet inlet and rotor now are exposed to less wear. Additionally, the changes have made both the inlet and the outlet more accessible for maintenance work, reducing the time required to disassemble and re-
assemble the outlet from six hours to four hours at the most. Other changes involving the rotor have had a similar benefit: Rotor disassembly and reassembly, which previously took about 10 hours, now takes about three.

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