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Coupling system now adapted to North America

Issue: May 2018

MetroConnect U/C Motan’s series of coupling systems allows connections to as many as eight blower lines from vacuum conveying systems. The most advanced of the systems, the MetroConnect C,
uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to track connections and ensure that materials are conveyed only when the correct connection is made. A second system, the MetroConnect U, is “uncoded,” but can be easily upgraded with RFID sensors and tags to achieve coded functionality. Both versions are supplied with all necessary pipes and couplings. Ninety-six loaders and material sources, as well as up to 125 coupling points, can be connected to each blower line, with the possibility of adding as many as 250 coupling points.

What’s new? Power use compatible with the North American market. Originally designed for Europe, the systems can now run on 480 volts/60 hertz. Also, each system now boasts a patented swivel pipe connection to align the RFID tags on the manifold.

Benefits Elimination of human errors and easier tracking of materials in processes that require validation.

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