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Wittmann's compact robot integrates into frame of press

Issue: March 2018

Primus 14 Designed for pick-and-place operations, this new robot from Wittmann Battenfeld features both the company’s R8 manual data-input device and Primus control system. Absolute encoders, which prevent collisions, especially when the control system is first turned on, are standard.

What’s new? The size. Primus 14 has a load capacity of 4.4 pounds and is targeted for use with injection molding machines that have clamping forces ranging from 55 tons to 165 tons. The horizontal axis of the robot covers a range from nearly 3 feet to about 6.5 feet. The vertical axis has a stroke of up to about 3.2 feet. The demolding axis stroke is 1.4 feet. The second robot in the Primus series, it joins the Primus 16, which has an 11-pound load capacity and is for use with presses with clamping forces from 132 tons to 275 tons. Primus 14 will hit the U.S. market in May.

Benefits An extremely compact control cabinet that can be integrated within the protective frame of the injection molding machine. That reduces or eliminates the need for additional cladding or other protection for the control cabinet, reducing costs.

Wittmann Battenfeld Inc., Torrington, Conn., 860-496-9603, www.wittmann-group.com