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Servo from Absolute Robot handles 26-pound payload

Issue: June 2017

Max BW10 Designed for intermediate strokes and payloads, Absolute Robot’s new box-carriage servo robot can handle a payload of 26 pounds. It is compatible with any manufacturer’s injection molding machine with clamping forces of 500 tons to 800 tons. Two-vacuum, two-grip circuits and a simple end-of-arm-tooling kit come standard.

What’s new? The robot, which joins several others in the Max BW line. It is sized between the Max BW08, which is for machines with 320 tons to 650 tons of clamping force, and the Max BW15, for machines with up to 1,200 tons of clamping force.

Benefits Flexibility. The Max BW10 can drop parts inside or outside the mold area, or onto a conveyor, and is suitable for machines that have rear obstructions.

Absolute Robot Inc., Worcester, Mass., 508-792-4305, www.absoluterobot.com