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New Robot-Technology unit provides precision trimming

Issue: December 2017

Robocut A 100 This new robot from Robot-Technology is designed for trimming plastic parts using a CO2 laser. It is especially suited for cutting PP, PE, ABS-PC and plexiglass, and can be used in a wide variety of applications, including trimming automotive parts such as I-panels and door modules. Based on a six-axis IRB 2600 robot from ABB, the head of the Robocut A 100 features an ultralight, carbon-fiber case and can be fitted with a Robot-Technology scanning unit.

What’s new? The robot.

Benefits High-speed and high-precision trimming. Also, because it uses the standard ABB programming language, the robot is easy to set up.

Robot-Technology GmbH, Grossostheim, Germany, 49-6026-50194-0, www.robottechnology.de/en