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New module tracks Yushin robot errors

Issue: September 2017

YC, YCII Yushin’s YC robots and two-stage YCII robots are designed for use with molding machines with clamping forces up to 1,600 tons. The YC series includes robots with single-stage arms, as well as models with both single-stage arms and sprue take-out arms; some of the equipment in the series is designed for use with micro-molding machines.

What’s new? The YC Error Notification module, which can be added to any new or existing YC- and YCII-series robot. With the module, users can customize as many as eight programmable error notifications, with messages such as “take out fail” and “conveyor empty.”

Benefits Remote notification to any mobile device of issues involving YC- and YCII-series robots, and more immediate control over how to address them. The module allows users to program how the robot and injection molding machine respond when errors occur.

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