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Hong Kong's Wei Li Plastics offers pulverizer in the U.S.

Issue: October 2015

PF series The newest edition of Wei Li Plastics’ PF series of plastics pulverizers features one-axis-disk-alignment design. The company, which has been making pulverizers since 2010, updated the line in 2014. The machines can be used for both recycling and size refinement of virgin resins. Depending on the size of the machine, a set of grinding disks and pulverizer can cost $24,000-$42,000.

What’s new? Though not sold directly in the U.S., the pulverizers can now be shipped to the U.S.

Benefits Ease of use, high efficiency and capacity, small footprint, and low energy consumption and price. With its one-axis-disk-alignment system, the pulverizer provides a balanced movement of grinding discs with a small grinding gap. Using a simple wheel outside the grinding chamber, an operator can easily adjust the grinding gap between the disks. 

Wei Li Plastics Machinery Ltd., Hong Kong, 852-26902368, www.weiliplastics.com