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Engel's viper 20 robot gets faster

Issue: October 2017

viper 20 speed Engel’s new speed version of its viper 20 linear robot is especially suited for use with small and medium-sized injection molding machines serving the packaging and medical sectors. Typical applications include food containers and sample cups for medical analysis.

What’s new? The speed. The robot boasts removal times of less than a second, for total cycle times of about 4 seconds. Its enhanced servo-electric drive technology and reduced weight make the viper 20 speed 30 percent faster than the conventional viper 20.

Benefits Fast cycle times. Also, by integrating the robot into the CC300 control on an Engel injection molding machine, its movements can be precisely coordinated with those of the press. This results in improved energy efficiency and faster setup, and gives the operator the ability to monitor the robot via the machine display.

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