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Denso's high-speed four-axis robot coming to U.S.

Issue: August 2017

HSR robot This high-speed four-axis robot from Denso Robotics utilizes a three-pronged approach to achieving higher speeds: relocating the motor to make the arm lighter; strengthening the arm’s rigidity; and an interlocked design that dampens vibrations at the tip of the arm. It has a maximum payload of 17.6 pounds and can be mounted on the floor or overhead.

What’s new? U.S. availability. The HSR debuted in 2016 in Europe and Japan, and will be available in the U.S. next month.

Benefits Long, continuous operation. In addition to improving its speed, the HSR’s lightweight arm has improved heat dissipation, allowing it to operate for extended periods without overheating.

Denso International America, Southfield, Mich., 248-350-7500, www.densocorp-na.com