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Comau's collaborative robot handles heavy payloads

Issue: May 2017

Aura Comau’s new collaborative robot (cobot) is designed to handle heavy payloads. Aura, which stands for “Advanced Use Robotic Arm,” is able to predict the movement of people in its vicinity and adjust its trajectory accordingly through the combination of a vision system and special software. It also uses a laser scanner to detect the location of people or objects in its vicinity, allowing it to ramp down its motion and come to a complete stop when it is very close to or touching a worker or object. In addition to the vision system and laser scanner, the cobot has four other types of safety features: a proximity sensor, a contact sensor, a wrist force sensor and soft foam skin. The cobot’s rotary table uses series elastic actuation (SEA) technology, which allows the table to yield when pushed by the operator.  

What’s new? The robot. Last month at Automate 2017 in Chicago, Comau introduced a beta version that has a payload of 242.5 pounds. The first commercial model will be available later this year and will have a payload of 374.8 pounds.

Benefits Safety and the ability to handle large payloads. Also, Aura is unaffected by vibrations and can be installed in any position, even overhead.

Comau LLC, Southfield, Mich., 248-353-8888, www.comau.com