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  • CBW designs SSE robot for high-speed production

    Issue: NPE Supplement May 2015

    SSE retrieval robot:  Designed for high-speed automation of injection molding, this latest robot from CBW Automation improves upon the company's [more]

  • Yushin enhances high-speed robot

    Issues: June 2015, NPE Supplement May 2015

    HST-600DS:  Yushin America Inc. is targeting packaging and other high-speed markets with this larger version of earlier models of its ultra-high-speed [more]

  • Wittmann Battenfeld expands pro series

    Issue: NPE Supplement May 2015

    W8 pro series robots:  This line of integrated robots for injection molding from Wittmann Battenfeld  is adding new models that will make their [more]

  • Sepro robots provide precision

    Issues: April 2015, NPE Supplement May 2015

    5X line five-axis robots:  These five-axis robots from Sepro America LLC are designed for applications that require complex part manipulation and [more]

  • Yushin robots drop weight for speed

    Wed, Jan 14, 2015

    HST-series robots These high-speed servo-powered traversing take-out robots from Yushin Precision Equipment are designed to replace its predecessor high-speed [more]

  • Newest ABB robot compact, flexible

    Sat, Nov 29, 2014

    IRB 1200 robot  This latest family of small robots for material handling and machine tending — from ABB Engineering Ltd. — features two [more]