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  • A passion for robots

    Issue: February 2018

    TM Robotics Founder and CEO Nigel Smith is passionate about robots. Not only does he see robot technology as increasing the productivity and efficiency [more]

  • Accomplishing the mission

    Issue: January 2018

    As the second-generation CEO of Plastic Molding Technology (PMT), Charles A. Sholtis is leading the company into its 45th anniversary this year. Under [more]

  • Success through balance

    Issue: December 2017

    For Bob Janeczko, who started out in metals but bought a plastics business in 2003 with his son, success is all about values and balance. From balancing [more]

  • The Paulson point of view

    Issue: November 2017

    Don Paulson, chairman of Paulson Training Programs, is a pioneer of scientific molding who encourages molders to use the basic properties of plastics to answer the "why" of molding problems. [more]

  • Master of control

    Issue: October 2017

    Raymond Kelly, VP of engineering for Conair Group, designed his first product for the plastics industry more than three decades ago. It was a multi-purpose control. [more]

  • West Coast design pioneer

    Issue: September 2017

    Rich Freeman, CEO of Freetech Plastics, a thermoforming company he founded more than 40 years ago, knows what it is like to survive and thrive in Silicon Valley. [more]

  • Solving the problem that 'didn't exist'

    Issue: August 2017

    John P. Beaumont, founder of Beaumont Technologies, a leader for in-mold rheological control technologies, is also an inventor, educator and author. But [more]

  • American dream come true

    Issue: July 2017

    Demetre Loulourgas was certain about two things when he was growing up in Athens, Greece — he would work in a tool shop and it would be in the U.S. [more]

  • From bakery to Bekum

    Issue: June 2017

    Martin Stark was miserable. New to America, and with limited English, he started working the overnight shift in a Chicago-area bakery when a newspaper [more]

  • Father of ultrasonic welding

    Issue: May 2017

    A mechanical engineer by trade, Bob Soloff began creating his legacy in the plastics industry with his accidental invention of ultrasonic welding. He founded Sonics & Materials in 1969. [more]