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  • Q&A: Master of control

    Issue: Oct. 2017

    For many people, the interests they had during childhood continue to develop as they grow up, perhaps forming the bedrock of their adult lives. But that [more]

  • Q&A: West Coast design pioneer

    Issue: Sept 2017

    Working in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment like Silicon Valley is not for the faint of heart. "There are a lot of demanding people here," [more]

  • Q&A: Solving the problem that 'didn't exist'

    Issue: August 2017

    John P. Beaumont, founder of Beaumont Technologies, a leader for in-mold rheological control technologies, is also an inventor, educator and author. But [more]

  • Q&A: American dream come true

    Issue: July 2017

    Demetre Loulourgas was certain about two things when he was growing up in Athens, Greece — he would work in a tool shop and it would be in the U.S. [more]