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Auxiliary Equipment


Parts-removal robots boost accuracy

HYRobotics’ new Muge:in parts-removal robots employ software that screens out defective products based on their weight. 

P-Series MuCell offers precise dosing

Trexel’s P-Series MuCell technology for injection molding involves the controlled use of gas in its supercritical state to create microcellular foam parts.


Innovation Extras


Signal conditioner improves security

Alliance Sensors’ new SC-200 signal conditioner works in conjunction with linear variable differential transformer and rotary variable differential transformer position sensors to perform positioning tasks. 

Burst plugs from Dynisco can handle wide range of temperatures

Designed for installation on machines that require pressure safety devices, including extruders and injection molding machines, Dynisco’s BP520 burst plug can be used by itself or in combination with devices such as pressure transducers and transmitters.


Primary Equipment


Latest SmartPower is largest in series

Wittmann Battenfeld’s SmartPower line of servo-hydraulic injection molding machines features a small footprint and injection units that can be pivoted for easy access to the nozzle and screw.

New EOS printer can process PEKK resin

The new EOS P 810 laser-sintering 3-D printer is especially suited for making structural parts for the aerospace, electronics and transportation industries.


Molds & Tooling


Spring allows Cumsa's Smart Worm Lifters to bend to release undercuts

Cumsa's new Smart Worm Lifter series of off-the-shelf components is ideal for releasing small undercuts.

Kuhne offers stackable blown film die

The Mo-Con (modular concept) die from Kuhne is a stackable blown film die that can be used to produce film with five to 17 layers.


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