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Innovation Extras


CER hot-stamp technology coming to US

CER of Oyyanax, France, is launching its Ultimax-2M2N hot-stamp/heat-transfer machine for cosmetic packaging such as lipstick cases, jars and caps in North America. 

Capacitive sensor Bluetooth-enabled

Rechner’s S26 capacitive sensor can be used to detect the fill level of materials with a wide variety of characteristics, including liquids, powders and sticky or thick substances.


Primary Equipment


Versatile machine from Milacron and FGH processes most resins

Milacron’s Uniloy brand will partner with FGH Systems to debut a new model in the M-Series of all-electric shuttle blow molding machines.

Battenfeld series targets recycled PET for food contact

This Battenfeld-Cincinnati series is designed principally for the extrusion of PET sheet. The processing unit has a planetary roller section for degassing under high vacuum.


Auxiliary Equipment


Windmoeller & Hoelscher's purging module can be retrofitted to older units

Windmoeller & Hoelscher’s (W&H) Turboclean automation module is used to purge resin simultaneously from all gravimetric hoppers and extruders.

Pro-Clean dosing system heading to North America

Plast-Control’s newest gravimetric dosing system minimizes material losses when changing materials or colors.


Molds & Tooling


Agathon centering system prevents misalignments

Agathon’s round fine centering system uses precision rolling elements to achieve the fine centering of mold cavities of all sizes.   

Temp controller for runnerless molding

Athena Controls' Series RMX is a microprocessor-based, single-zone hot-runner temperature controller designed for runnerless molding.


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Tantec RotoTEC-X corona treatment system

The Tantec RotoTEC-X is used for in-line treatment of injection molded parts prior to coating, printing, gluing or painting. It ensures uniform treatment and gives the operator full process control of all treatment parameters.

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