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Molds & Tooling


Upgraded knee mill from Milltronics gets versatile CNC control

Milltronics’ newest entry in its VK series of knee mills offers three-axis control and can be operated in three modes.

EOS printer gains better materials handling

EOS has upgraded the material-handling capabilities of its direct-metal-laser-sintering 3-D printer.


Innovation Extras


Columbus McKinnon limit switch is now standard on hoists

Columbus McKinnon has upgraded its Yale Global King and Shaw-Box World Series wire-rope hoists.

Asyril part feeder orients and sorts very small items

Asyril’s portfolio of vibratory feeder systems has been expanded, with the addition of Asycube 530.


Auxiliary Equipment


Acrison feeders gain weighing mechanism

Weigh feeders in this Acrison series feature two conditioning agitators positioned above a single feed auger that are run at individual but proportional speeds.

Gravimax blenders have upgraded lids

Wittmann Battenfeld has upgraded its Gravimax gravimetric blenders, which can be used in injection molding, blow molding and extruding.


Primary Equipment


Husky updates system for packaging

Husky has expanded the capabilities of its Multi-Layer Technology injection molding system, which, until now, has been used exclusively with PET.

Printer from voxeljet boasts high-speed sintering

This 3-D printer from voxeljet was designed for the fast and inexpensive production of prototypes.


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