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Your twice-monthly update from Plastics Machinery Magazine November 29, 2018

Innovation Extras


Compact device from Keyence removes static using a fan

This new compact static-eliminator fan from Keyence can keep contaminants from adhering to molded parts, bottles, film and other plastic products. 

Measuring machine handles molds, parts

Wenzel’s new SF 87 coordinate measuring machine was created with the capacity to measure parts up to 31.5 inches by 27.6 inches by 27.6 inches.


Primary Equipment


KraussMaffei automates 'wet molding' unit

KraussMaffei has developed a turnkey “wet molding” system for manufacturing fiber-reinforced plastic components that is especially appropriate for automotive applications.

Compression molding machine combines 3 presses

The new 0-3-3 French Oil compression molding machine, which runs under the direction of a single controller, combines three presses, each with as much as 10 tons of compression capacity, with three molds each. 


Auxiliary Equipment


Dosing system gains module for weighing

Motan’s Spectroflex V line of volumetric dosing units is designed for introducing powders, pellets, regrind, flakes and fibers into continuous processes. Interchangeable dosing screws allow users to quickly adapt the dosing unit to the application.

Engel enhances its water manifold

Engel’s e-flomo electronic temperature-control water manifold is used to cool injection molds and can handle water temperatures up to 248 degrees Fahrenheit.


Molds & Tooling


BriskHeat debuts cartridge heaters

BriskHeat’s new line of swaged cartridge heaters can be used in both extrusion and injection tooling.

Heater strips are available in variety of shapes

Omega Engineering's new thin heater strips are made up of a polyimide film that’s sandwiched around etched foil heater elements.


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Guill Extrusion Tooling's MAGS crosshead

Guill Extrusion Tooling's MAGS crosshead improves the flow and distribution of molten plastic.

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