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Your twice-monthly update from Plastics Machinery Magazine August 3, 2017

Auxiliary Equipment


Conair cutter is ideal for clean rooms

Conair has introduced a traveling planetary cutter for small-diameter medical tubing, the latest in the company’s Medline series.

Mitsui MJ5-i dryer gains enhanced control panel

Matsui has upgraded its MJ5-i desiccant resin dryer, which can reduce energy consumption by as much as 75 percent.


Molds & Tooling


Hasco's plates allow uniform alignment

Hasco has introduced three new pressure and adjustment plates, which are used by mold makers to ensure the uniform alignment of the mold parting line.

Mold gear unit from Meusburger features smaller teeth

This new gear unit from Meusburger ensures that both of the parting lines on a stack mold open and close at the same time.


Innovation Extras


Flexicon's conveyor features mobile frame

Flexicon’s flexible screw conveyor can be used to move resins or additives from storage vessels to blenders, primary machines or other equipment.

Delta debuts VFD system for conveying operations

Delta’s variable-frequency drive (VFD) is appropriate for a wide range of conveying operations.


Primary Equipment


Nissei press gets a new toggle mechanism

This series of general-purpose, all-electric injection molding machines from Nissei can produce quality parts reliably, even from inconsistent materials like regrind.

Latest Roboze printer improves repeatability, precision, durability

This updated fused-filament-fabrication printer is designed for high-temperature applications involving engineering-grade resins.


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Two Denso robots work together using cooperative motion function

Two Denso six-axis robots demonstrate Denso's cooperative motion function by playing a mobile racing game on a tablet.

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